1st feature request! :)

Time for a new feature update!

Thanks to a suggestion from the kind nighteye424 Pong-ino now feature a small pause before spawning the ball.

To implement this feature I had to implement a timer which is a key concept in Interactive Computer Programming.

An Interactive application is generally working because of an endless loop and this makes timing trickier. If you have any experience with Arduino I think you've already experienced this kind of challenge.
A good way to brush up skills is trying to implement a Digital Stopwatch (with Start / Stop / Reset / Time Lapse and any feature you can think of).

Digging a bit I've found a very nice implementation in PICO-8's LUA made by BenWiley4000, here it is:

I've implemented it in my code and it seems to work very well.
The graphics are very basic for the moment (just a white text with another black text mimicing a shadow with an offset of 1 pixel) but I am happy with the integration.

I will work again on the graphic part to make it more eye pleasing soon :)


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Aug 30, 2017

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