Pong-ino 0.3 is out!


  • Pad movement jerkiness is gone (for the moment being only for human players)!
    I am a very happy guy and I deeply thank solar and capnmarcy for putting me in the right direction: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=29910
    I bow to ultrabrite with his perfect code and comments :D
    Now I need to understand if the same treatment can be applied to the ball movement.
    I've been playing some of the old Pong versions (Original Arcade, Game Gear, Nintendo DS, Gameboy...) and I tried (and I am still trying) to make the Classic mode in Pong-ino similar to the original feeling, I've also modified SFX in Classic mode for this reason.
    Countless bugs were squashed, the main one was ball spawn always in the same direction.

=== TODO LIST ===

  • Find some solution for the ball movement jerkiness (try to apply paddle movement solution)
  • Find some solution for pad movement jerkiness for computer player
  • Improve the angle calculation at bounce (make it wider when the ball hits the end of the pads)
  • Make the classic mode as close as possible to the original
  • Add some spice to the Modern mode (powerups, maybe?)
  • Improve Menu screen graphics
  • Add an OPTIONS submenu to main menu


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Sep 13, 2017

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